August 2001 Driving Events Committee Minutes
	by George Bixby	September 3, 2001

The meeting was called to order at 7 pm.

There was some discussion about duty assignments for the August 25th Advanced Skills School. Bruce thought that there might be a shortage of instructors and volunteers. George volunteered to help set up and do tech inspection. Bruce Smith and Phil Brown volunteered to instruct. Mike Lussier said he would be available in the morning to instruct and Rob Greer said he might be able to instruct.

There was a discussion about tech inspection for the Driving School event. Mike Francis stated that there was a scramble at Driving School events getting cars tech inspected. He would like to see tech inspection organized before the day of the event. George mentioned that he would help out with tech inspection but felt instruction on what to look for would be a good idea.

The idea of one on one individual instruction for group one students was brought up. It was decided that this is something that the chapter should explore.

Erik Wensberg brought up the idea of red flags. He stated that at other events drivers are not used to seeing the red flag when it is put and there have been consequences. He suggested that the club consider putting out the red flag at a future event as an awareness drill. Upon further discussion, it was suggested that this drill be conducted for the group 2 and 1 drivers. It was also suggested that the drill be conducted early in the day but not during a run groupís first run. Erik added that the driverís meeting should make mention of this drill and the drill be conducted toward the end of the session.

The school of October 19 and 20 th was brought up by Bruce. He told the group that both the Advanced Skills School and the DE event were almost full. Rob Greer was asked he could take care of procuring the students wearables? He responded that he could. It was decided to buy sweatshirts for the fall school.

There was some discussion about sponsors for the event and Phil said he thought that things were pretty well covered.

Phil asked about the number of events for next year? He added that he would be having discussions about the availability of facilities, for next year, soon. After some discussion it was decided to pursue dates for three (3) DE schools and five (5) advanced skill schools.

Erik reported that an X5 participated in the OíFest Driving School school and that we should prepare ourselves for SUVís participating in the Driving School events.

Mike Francis brought up the issue of not having a backup to Bruce Smtih (as Registrar). It was suggested that Gordon Gieck would be interested in filling this roll. Bruce said he would contact Gordon about this.

Peter Duffy brought up the issue of exploring other Driving School event venues. He suggested that places like Pocono could be accessible. Peter was given the assignment to pursue this and report back to the committee.

The meeting was adjourned at 8 pm.