February 2002 Driving Events Committee Minutes
	by George Bixby	February 20, 2002

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm. In attendance were George Bixby, Dick Cadieux, John Cloutier, Peter Duffy, Mike Francis, Pat Francis, Gordon Geick, Rob Greer, Dan Guliano, Maeghan LaFortune, Alan Legerlotz, Bruce Smith, Ed Valpey, and Erik Wensberg.

Mike Francis wanted to remind everyone about the Advanced Skill School for students to be held on Sunday, April 14, 2002. He added that on Saturday, April 13th (the day before), an Advanced Skill School for instructors would be held. Ed volunteered that he would restrict the school to about thirty (30) instructor/students. He added that he would be going up to NHIS the day before to better lay out the course. He indicated that he was looking to establish the instructor pool so that instructors could volunteer their time for just two Skill Schools during the year.

Mike brought up the "Cabin Fever" event to be held Friday, April 19, 2002. Mike asked the group about student wearables? He asked if the usual sweatshirts should be presented. Peter Duffy suggested that a long sleeve cotton tee could be useful. There was some discussion about this and the group was evenly split on the choice. Erik suggested that Mike make a decision and the group would go along with his choice. It was decided to provide sweat shirts. Mike asked Rob Greer to see about procuring the articles.

Next the group discussed instructor gifts. It was suggested that the club provide caps with the White Mountain chapter logo and labeled "Instructor". There was some discussion about other choices. During the discussion it was decided that the instructor gifts should not exceed twenty-five ($25) dollars. Alan Legerlotz volunteered to procure the instructor gifts.

The issue of work assignments was the topic of the final discussion (about Cabin Fever). Dick Cadieux was requested to work with Dan Maynard (technical advisor) of 3D Auto to acquaint himself with tech inspection. Mike Francis and Erik Wensberg would continue handling "Control" duties. Bruce Smith had registration under control. Alan Legerlotz reported that the instructor availability was good.

The issue of instructor development was brought up. Ed offered that he was working on criteria for evaluating and promoting instructors but felt he needed the input of others when evaluating candidates. Peter Duffy volunteered that he had been working on an outline for instructor development. Erik suggested that Ed and Peter get together to draft a program. After some more discussion it was decided that a committee be appointed to identify and evaluate instructor candidates. It was decided that the committee consist of Ed Valpey, Peter Duffy, Alan Legerlotz, Bruce Smith, and Mike Francis.

Ed Valpey brought up the issue of allowing open top cars at driving events. His opinion was that the conditions for open top cars, approved last year, was a little too restrictive. He suggested that the roll bar/cage criteria be revised. He added that the use of the windshield was not sufficient as a safety structure and suggested that the line from the roll bar extend to the shock towers. Explaining that the students head be under the imaginary line from the top of the roll bar to the top of the shock towers. There was some discussion about this issue but no decision was made. It was decided to revisit the issue later.

Mike announced that he had been contacted by the Audi club. The proposal was for the club to assume their date (4/15/02) at NHIS and share it with the Boston Chapter of the BMW club. The club decided to decline the offer.

Mike brought up the issue of the confusion with the Boston Chapter over WMCís October 20, 2002 date at NHIS. Erik expressed concern that the last opportunity to co-sponsor a club race was a financial drain on the club. There was also some concern that BMW CCA would view the chapterís use of this day for Driving Events as not supporting club racing. Erik suggested that the Boston club be invited to the March 20th DEC to present a proposal. This was agreed to by the DEC.

Ed spoke about the recent rally cross. He said that it was well attended but it did not go as smooth as it could have. He said that this was a learning experience and would be smoother next time.

The issue of student sign offs for solo drivers was brought up. The issue had been tabled from the previous months meeting. After some discussion it was decided not to let students solo in run group three. Instead they would be promoted to run group two at the next Driverís Ed Event. Mike added that this would ensure that flagging assignments were met. It was added that there may be exceptional circumstances were a student would be moved up but this will be handled on a case by case basis.

Peter Duffy was asked about working with the Allegheny Chapter for members of the club to participate in an event at Beaver Run. Peter responded that no progress had been made.

The question of future Advanced Skill School dates was brought up. Phil Brown was not available to report, so the issue was tabled.

The question of future Autocross dates was brought up. Matt Kogan was not available to report, so the issue was tabled.

There had previously been a proposal to have run group one students enroll in an Advance Skill School. The decision was to not require it but recommend it to the clubís run group one students.

John Cloutier asked about not publishing the registration form in the "Profile" for the "Cabin Fever" school. He said that it would free up some space in the newsletter. He added that he could include the announcement with directions to the web site (for the form) in less space than before. This was agreed to.

Gordon Geick brought a contact about the availability of some instruction and seat time in a "Spec Racer".

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.