April 2002 Driving Events Committee Minutes
	by George Bixby	April 17, 2002

The meeting was called to order at 6:45 pm. In attendance were George Bixby, Dick Cadieux, John Cloutier, Mike Francis, Pat Francis, Gordon Geick, Rob Greer, Alan Legerlotz, Bruce Smith, and Lee Walsh.

Mike Francis recapped the previous months meeting.

1) He reviewed that there had been a problem with insurance. Specifically, BMWCCA’s insurance carrier had not been finalized and it was thought that the chapter would paying for full insurance for the Cabin Fever School instead paying for a rider on BMWCCA’s policy. Mike indicated that he had instructed Rob Greer to cancel the order for sweat shirts (to offset the expected insurance costs).

2) Mike reported that a communication had been sent to the Boston Chapter about their desire to share one of our days (in October) for club racing. Additionally, Dan Croteau had been named Club racing chair to work with Boston (or any other chapter/club) to coordinate the chapter’s club racing opportunities. His first assignment is to work out the details (with Boston) to co-sponsor the proposed October event.

3) Ed Valpey had presented a proposed instructor development course.

Mike informed the committee of the developments on last months issues.

1) BMWCCA has arranged for insurance through Wisenberg and the insurance issue has been resolved. There will be a slight increase in the insurance premium, however, this may be offset by the addition of a new sponsor: S-Tech Motorsports. Mike asked Rob Greer to purchase long sleeve T shirts for event wearables.

2) The Boston Chapter has agreed in principle, to a two (2) hour limit on the morning of Oct. 20th and to monetary compensation for lost revenue. Some details still have to be worked out and Dan Croteau is taking care of this.

3) Mike recapped the April Advanced Skill schools, saying that the instructor and the student schools were very well attended and successful.

There was an issue about fire hose brought up. Apparently, due to a layout issue one hose was damaged and another hose was found to have worn badly. George recommended that the club arrange for the purchase of four (4) new hose lengths (2 for replacement and 2 for spares).

Dick Cadieux mentioned that there were two open topped cars at the Skill School and neither had roll bars. He added that these students should be reminded of the chapter’s requirements and told that a roll bar will be required to pass the Cabin Fever event’s tech inspection.

Dick also informed the group that one student had a set of oversized tires and wheels that rub the lip of the fender. He informed the student that this would not pass the Cabin Fever tech inspection and they should be changed out before the event.

Mike asked if there was any new business for the committee to consider.

Bruce asked about an insurance rebate for the April 13th and 14th Advanced Skill schools. Mike said he would look into it. Bruce said that he and Ed Valpey would be looking into a better layout for the Advanced Skill School.

On another issue, Bruce told the committee that that he was working with Greg Scott to set up the sign up for the E-mail distribution list.

Lee reported on the April 28th autocross. He said that he was pretty much set for the event and had fifteen entrants registered. He stated that he needed about 30 participants to break even but would cut off registration at 40. He said that he had some communication with the Sports Car Club of New Hampshire and they suggested he post the events with Grass Roots Motorsports. Alan Legerlotz asked about staging and reminded the committee that it was difficult at the Skill School. Lee replied that he would use "J" lot for staging and "I" for running.

Dick Cadieux informed the committee that Ted mentioned to Ed Valpey about paving another lot and setting up a skid pad section with dedicated water.

Alan Legerlotz told the committee that he was looking into arranging instructor sign up on the chapter’s web site.

Mike announced that he was still working on having the DEC meetings at Dreher-Holloway.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.