February 2007 DEC Meeting Minutes

by Mark Viola February 19, 2007

Location: Common Man, Concord, NH




Gordon Geick, Mark Viola, Bill (PCA), Erik Wensberg, Tania Brice Coffin, Dick Cadieux, Dana Sion, Mike Cooney, Bruce Smith, Mike Dion, Bill Kallgren, Jim Viall, Mike Francis.




Meeting was called to order at 6:30. Gordon asked Mike Dion for a treasury report. No major changes from last report, about 22,000 in account with no outstanding payables or receivables. Gordon, Erik and Bruce also discussed more oversight of events and to set a goal of 25-30k in reserve for the account. There will also be more oversight with sponsors and gifts in the future.


1. Confirmed dates for ADSS and Street Survival posted on website, Mini only ADSS to be scheduled by Al for July 14 or 15th with 20 or 21st as a back up.


2. Discussion on Driving Tuition and Expenses:


Bruce had talked with Luka from BOS chapter, for track events, they were going with $190/day with a $100 discount for first timers. Bill from PCA mentioned they charge $40 for ADSS (once a year with many participants) and were increasing from $140 to $175ish for track (instructors pay ˝). Mark mentioned SCDA increase to $250-275.


Mike Dion broke down the cost again; roughly $12500 for a one day event at NHIS. Breakeven is 72 students not counting on sponsor money. Erik mentioned issues with sponsor oversight last year. Each event could bring in $1500 in sponsor money, which covers the cost of t-shirts. Gordon mentioned banners instead of t-shirts for better sponsor visibility. Bill mentioned the PCA has bays for dealer cars for demo's. Erik then brought up spreading the sponsor load and building relationships not just for specific events, but for the entire membership. Utilizing the website was also mentioned.


Bruce asked Mike Cooney as a sponsor what he would like to see us do. Erik mentioned decals instead of t-shirts; Gordon mentioned them as purchased items instead of giveaways; Dana asked about an opt out/in option for them; Mark mentioned maybe just for novices as we all agreed most of the experience guys had enough shirts.


There was some discussion on eliminating the $500 cost for instructor lunches. It was brought up by most attending with the instructor workload and timing it's not unreasonable to feed them and this was quickly tabled.


A vote was taken on the t-shirts and it was decided 5-4 shirts would go away for the first even and we evaluate the response to their missing and decide from there to continue the practice for the rest of the year or not.


As far as driving tuition goes, it was decided that we would go with Boston's pricing of $190 with a $100 discount for first timers (defined as never been on the track before). ADSS tuition to remain at $85.


3. ADSS Requirement:


Gordon asked should we require it and when do we waive it for hardship? Bruce thought it was a mistake to waive it all together but was in favor of a hardship allowance. There was some discussion on what conditions needed to met; more than 1.5 hrs. from track, prior track experience? Erik mentioned if the school was sold out, they could take it later in the year, but they still have to take it. It was decided that if you’re more than 90 miles away or have previous experience or the ADSS School is sold out, it would be waived, otherwise it stands a requirement. Case by case consideration would still be given.


4. Instructor Coordinator:


George is stepping down. Tania was willing to be trained. Dick mentioned someone needed to be familiar with all the instructors. Topic tabled until next meeting or possibly for board meeting.


5. Logo:


To be presented by next board meeting. Left in Dana's hands.


6. Student Contact for Driving Events


Questions about events to be handled by Mike and Tania is going to coordinate with mentor program. Email to be reassigned to Mike.


7. Other Clubs


Gordon in contact with Z club. Mike asked about VT and NE chapters? We are waiting to have the website done so when we contact them we have something to point them towards.


8. Who Displayed on Website


There was some discussion about who should be displayed on the website and who to contact. It was decided that Tech, Registration, the DEC team, Instructor Coordinator, Jim, Dick, Alvin, Ed Valpey, Alvin, ADSS and Street Survival should be there.


Gordon wanted to create a brochure of the different events to pass out to people. Laura and Suzin Kohler might be able to work it out. Someone was needed to write a paragraph for each of the events. Bruce and Erik to handle.


9. Photos


Open call to everyone with any driving/event photos to send them to Paul so he can out on website.


10. Mentor Program


Tania has the okay from BOS to use their program. Mentors to go to 1st and 2nd time students. Starting 2 weeks prior to event and all throughout the day a mentor will be available to help them out.


11. Profile


Still need an editor. Anyone? Any articles to go to Bruce by EOM.


12. Wearables for ADSS instructors


Jackets vs. hats vs. vests. Bruce needs a new jacket. Jackets an overwhelming choice. Should be a grad gift for new instructors


13. New Business


Erik asked where timing equipment was. Everyone was assured it was being tracked down.


Gordon mentioned we were committed to 20 slots for the climb to the clouds and Ed is handling all the details.


Flagging - Considerable discussion from last time brought up. No changes for now, but we should re-evaluate if we should hire prof. flaggers instead of students for liability reasons.


Dana to sell all older wearable at different events and is going to have an SEC rep at driving events.


Next meeting tentatively scheduled for 3/19/07


Adjourned at 8:30