March 2007 DEC Meeting Minutes

by Mark Viola March 19, 2007

Location: Common Man, Concord, NH




Gordon Geick, Mark Viola, Bill Kallgren, Dick Cadieux, Dana Sion, Mike Francis, Jim Viall, Al Legerlotz, Alvin Legerlotz, Paul Michali, Pete Basiliele and Pete and John for Z car club.




Meeting was called to order at 6:30.


Intro of Pete and John from the Z Car Club of New England. Thanks to Tanya and Paul for getting registration up and running.


1. LOGO: Dana updated us on status. The art student working on it has issues and we are going to switch to plan B. Erik has a contact who can finish everything. Paul already has done significant work on one that is compliant and we are going to adapt that and give everything to Erik.


2. DEC Staff and Pictures: Paul needs new pictures and who is going to be listed on the DEC pages. Dick is going on as both Tech Steward and Tech Advisor, Alvin is Registrar, Al is Chief Steward, Gordon is DEC chair and IDP, Bruce Smith is both Club Race Chair and Street Survival, Tania Brice-Coffin is Mentor Coordinator, Ed Valpey is Chief Instructor, Bruce and Dick are ADSS, Peter is the MINI liason and Al is going to handle the instructor coordinator position and hopefully work with Peter Proach on it as well.


3. Instructor's: Both Audi and Porsche club instructors show interest in driving with us. They should be directed to register. Need to contact ME and VT BMW chapters and inform them of schedule. Bruce to get with BOS and cross post our events. We should also get involved with MINI mags and forums.


4. EMAIL Brochure: Suzin K to do graphics. Need someone to edit text portion. Bill volunteered and will coordinate with Suzin.


5. Driving Pages: Paul needs people to look at content and check if any revisions or additions are needed. Send him text paragraphs if so. Tanya will review pages for newbie's and Pete will do something for MINI. We also need to be linked to from more sites, as this helps drive search engine recognition.


6. Instructor Liability: Currently, liability is covered for $10 million. Property damage would be covered if the instr. is sued and the insurance company decides it's a covered incident. National needs to clarify what a covered incident is.


7. Sprinkler System: Porsche NER club to rent sprinkler system. Ed and Dick to handle particulars.


8. Email Lists: Paul has 2 email lists. One from motorsport reg that has DE and ADSS participants and a general club email list. Alvin to give Bill access to them for the email brochure.


9. MINI: Dave and Pete to fill MINI only ADSS. ADSS is for any licensed driver. Under 18 requires a waiver from a parent signed that day and at the event. MNI of Peabody willing to sponsor the event, in what capacity still needs to be determined. Possible parade lap during the day as well? Al to check to see who has track that day, July 15th.


10. ADSS/DE Logistics: Due to Easter, only one day available for the weekend. Seat time for inst. is limited. Any way we can get ambulance to show an hour earlier? Al also will talk to Betty to see if we can use lot that Friday. Is the equipment ready as well? Dick says we need four hoses and can source them through a contact at Speedway Safety. For track days, just need to verify everyone is on the same page. Tech is handled by Dick, Al will take care of the insurance. For track setup (conesm radio's, flags) Al and control will handle. Ed will handle the classroom. Mike to handle driver's meeting. We need someone for general announcements. Ambulance and wrecker are notified by the track they are needed, we just need to pay them. We need to decide what to do about the second garage. Should we open it in advance, wait till the day of event and make decision, keep it closed or just rent spaces? After some discussion it was decided to just open it in advance. Instructor lunches were also brought up. Outsource or go to Checkered Flag. For both logistical and financial reasons, the Checkered Flag is the best bet.


11. Sponsors: Dick informed us sponsorship still open. Discussion involved what sponsorship should entail. Normally chareg $300-400 per event. For this year, they would get 2 spots at the school to give to whoever they want. Banners were going to be used, all we need is to get the sponsors logo's to Erik and we can get going. Thoughts on putting pamphlets in the reg packet to increase visibility as well. Also mentioned putting slide in the PP presentation as well.


12. Registrar's Report: 13 for ADSS and 11 paid. 39 for NHIS with 34 paid. 2 newbies signed up so far.


13. Mentor Program: Tanya sent out email saying everything is on track and she will get with Alvin towards the close of registration to start matching people up.


14. Instructor Coordinator: Al to talk with Peter Proach


15. Old Shirts: Decided not to give them out if sponsorship is attained to prevent conflicts


16. Meeting adjourned at 8:39pm