The BMW Car Club of America and the White Mountain Chapter, have a lot to offer. You can join online at the National Web site.

When you join, you will be assigned to a local chapter, based on your zip code. For all of New Hampshire, this will be our WMC. Even if you live outside of New Hampshire, you can request assignment to a specific chapter (like us!), if you prefer.

National will send you a welcome package, along with a member number that you can use to access the member only area of the National web-site. The WMC will also be notified of your membership, so that we can welcome you and start to send you our Profile Newsletter.

Be sure to include your e-mail address, when you join, so that we can automatically add you to our mailing list, to keep you informed of up-coming Chapter events. We respect your privacy, and will only use this e-mail for Chapter related purposes. You can remove your e-mail address from the e-mail list at any time.

Feel free to ask us, if you have any questions about membership or the BMW CCA. We'd be glad to answer your questions!