Whether you just like to get together to talk about cars, or join in with other BMWs enthusiasts for some fun and exciting activities, we have something for you! For those interested in volunteering, there are many rewarding tasks and events where you can help us.

Our enthusiastic group of Social Event Committee Members meet monthly to put together great events for members to enjoy. We would love you to join the committee, which is an informal group of members all interested in our social activities. All chapter members are welcome to participate in the Social Event Committee and we appreciate any help you can offer. The more volunteers we have, the easier it is to put on the awesome social events.

The Social Events Committee (SEC) organizes such fun events for the club as:

  • Annual Winter Reunion
  • Parker's Maple Barn Breakfast
  • Fun Road Rallies
  • Baseball games
  • Wine Tastings

We are always looking for great events that will appeal to a wide range of tastes and likes. We invite you to come and be a part of this friendly group of people!

If you have any questions about our social activities and events, you can contact our current Social Event Committee chairperson, Cassandra Vorisek-Creto. Under the Officer & Staff section of the site, you can find contact information for all chapter volunteers and specifically, the SEC staff.

The White Mountain Chapter also holds Chapter dinner meetings, where members can hear what is going on in the chapter, find out about up-coming events, and meet the Board members. It's another opportunity to ask questions, get involved, and talk about cars.