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Come join us each month at a different location for a new event series called Drive and Dine. Each Drive and Dine day will be the last Sunday of the month (unless otherwise noted) and we'll announce the location and time weeks in advance. The rest is up to you - drive as a group or by yourselves, and meet us at the selected restaurant (you're on you own for any drink/meal costs). There is no need to pre-register, but please RSVP to let us know who's coming to each event.

We can't wait to meet new members or experienced members at each of the locations. Come just for the food or just for the comraderie. Regardless, we're excited to see where we all end up each month. If you have ideas for restaurant locations, be sure to let us know! Here are a few ideas: Lakehouse in Meredith, Parker's Maple Barn in Mason, The Bavarian in Hooksett, Mr. Foodee's in Milford, etc.

Don't forget to save the date/time, and, of course, bring your camera!

The most recent Drive and Dine was on Saturday, October 3, 2015.