Revised Passing Policy (PDF 14KB) (Word 28KB) For run group one students (and instructors) who are interested in advancing to Club Racing, we have revised our passing policy and set up infrastructure to allow those students to gain wheel-to-wheel experience at our High Performance Driving Schools. This document provides details on the changes that are being put in place. Curriculum (PDF 230KB) (Word 732KB) Instructional material for our Advanced Driving Skills and High Performance Driving Schools. Each Driving School participant must review the Driving School Curriculum before attending any White Mountain Chapter Driving School. Flagging Manual (PDF 152KB) (Word 535KB) For our High Performance Driving Schools, students will perform flagging duties as part of the learning experience. This explains each of the flags and when and how they are used. Required reading for all students! One Lap of NHMS (high res PDF 18.9MB) (low res (PDF 796K) This is a compilation of the Profile articles that Ed Valpey wrote on driving one lap around the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. It gives turn by turn analysis of NHMS, describing the various lines around this road course and is a "must read" for anyone interested in High Performance Driving. Martin Callahan has integrated each of these wonderful Profile articles into a 29 page "bible" on how to shave seconds off your time at NHMS. NHMS Road Course Photo (116KB) / Area Map(53KB) Drawing of the road course at NHMS, showing false grid, grid, track out, turn numbers (for chicane-chicane), and track in.