Pre-Event Safety Inspection Report (PDF 39KB) (Word 39KB)

The Driving School participant is solely responsible for the condition of the vehicle to be driven during the driving school. The participant should have the vehicle inspected no earlier than four weeks prior to the event. It is recommended that the inspection be performed by a qualified individual who is familiar with the make and model of the vehicle. At the time of the inspection, the participant must sign the completed Pre-Event Safety Inspection Report.

The Pre-Event Safety Report must be presented to the White Mountain Chapter Tech Personnel at the track on the day of the event. The participant will not be allowed to drive the vehicle on the track without first presenting a signed and completed Pre-Event Safety Inspection Report.

A tech inspection will be held the morning of the event, between 7:30 am and 8:30 am (between 8:00 and 9:00 am for Advanced Driving Skills date). This inspection will be a very basic safety and mechanical check. If your car is deemed unsafe, it will not be allowed on the track and your entry fee will be forfeited.

Required Medical Information Form (PDF 9KB) (Word 32KB)

For our Advanced Driving Skills and High Performance Driving schools, you must fill out the Medical Information form and present it at registration in a sealed envelope with your name and vehicle information (make/model/year/color) on it. This will be provided to rescue personnel at the event in case of personal injury or medical emergency. After the event, the envelope and its contents will be shredded.

Helmet Waiver (PDF 21KB) (Word 29KB)

You will be asked to sign a helmet waiver to attend a White Mountain Chapter driving event. This waiver acknowledges that the inspection of my helmet by members of the White Mountain Chapter, BMW CCA Car Club of America, Inc. is for the sole purpose of determining whether your helmet has met the minimum standards of the Snell Memorial Foundation and that it appears from a visual inspection to contain the appropriate Snell rating sticker and to be capable of meeting those standards at the present time. The inspection does not guarantee any fitness for use.

Signing the waiver means that you release, acquit and forever discharge the BMW Car Club of America, Inc., its officers, members, employees, lessors, associates, successors, or assigns, from any and all liability, claims, demands or causes which may arise from my wearing of the inspected helmet, from my attendance at a Club event, or from any injury sustained by me, whether or not due to their negligence.

Insurance Waiver (251KB)

You will be required to sign an insurance waiver when you enter the track area. This waiver is reproduced here so that you may view it before attending a White Mountain Chapter driving event.